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Tacx Software

Strava and Garmin Connect Support

Due to regular requests for the presentation of the route and the height profile of the trainings on Strava, I have built a tool that can be used to prepare TCX trainings exported from the Tacx Trainer Software for Strava, Garmin Connect and similar portals. The processed files then have to be uploaded into the portal. The processing works for all predefined sections (even if you have aborted them). Self-defined routes work with the correct starting point. Also, of course, it only works for my videos. And here is the TCX processing.

Information about the usability of TTS4

Due to frequent requests regarding the usability of the Tacx Trainer software or alternatives to it, I would like to briefly summarize the main points: TTS4 can not be installed for a long time, but existing installations are not affected and can continue to be used (but I recommend that you make a backup copy via a drive image).
As an alternative, I recommend BigRingVR, so that already purchased Real Life Videos can be used normally after a new installation (even if BigRing can read different control files, should be reinstalled, because e.g. the Tacx files have a much worse quality due to the system). I do not recommend Rouvy and GoldenCheetah, because the former application will soon discontinue support for Real Life Videos and the latter does not control any roll resistance. Basically, I cannot give any information about which roller trainers are compatible with any training software. This information can only be found on the manufacturer's website.

Important note about TTS4 and Windows 7/10

According to Garmin (the owner of Tacx) TTS4 cannot be activated after 1 January 2020. This software will operate as normal after this date, however in the event that it needs to be installed again you will not be able to do so. The claim that TTS4 will not work under Windows 10 is nonsense. Likewise, the discontinuation of Microsoft support for Windows 7 has no effect on the operability of the TTS versions.

I recommend switching to an independent software like BigRingVR if necessary (I strongly advise against the previously recommended switch to Rouvy, as Rouvy will soon discontinue support for Real Life Videos). Alternatively, you could create a hard disk image of your working TTS4 installation and restore it after problems (information about this on the net). It would also be possible that TTS3 can still be installed, but that would have to be tried out.

I strongly advise against switching to the Tacx (Desktop) App, as it does not allow you to use any old videos - not even Tacx's own - anymore! All videos of mine, however, can be used with any other supported software, including those mentioned above.

TTS4 end of support

Tacx has announced that it will discontinue support for this software on 31.03.2019 and that with a Windows 10 'Major Update' there is a risk that videos will no longer run. But it doesn't have to happen. If you use Windows 7 you won't get any problems. The Tacx Desktop App is not compatible with 3rd party videos and also has extremely poor ratings. Instead I recommend an open program like BigRingVR.

Tacx Trainer Software - all versions

My Real Life Videos are running with all versions of the Tacx Trainer Software. Please see the Tacx webpage which trainers are supported by TTS. This is independent from my videos.

You can download the GPS data for most RLVs at the video details page, so Real Life Training (Google Earth) is possible (but not simultaneously with video — this isn't allowed by Tacx).

TTS has very high system requirements, please make sure your PC meets those requirements, only then is a proper operation of my videos guaranteed.

Very important is the usage of the latest graphics drivers and video codecs, please follow the hints on the system requirements page. Aero themes must be deactivated.

When driving sections from a RLV TTS sometimes fast forwards the video quite a bit at training start. Because of that the height profile no longer fits to the picture. In these cases, you can adjust the track so that the start matches the 'fast-forward-point'. The zoom feature in the profile is very helpful. In the Updates section you will find an update that fixes this problem.

Since Garmin took over Tacx there has been practically no qualified support and the forum has also been closed.

Tacx Trainer Software Version 1 and 2

Most RLVs can directly be installed for TTS 1+2 from DVD or as a download setup (details under setup hints). The remaining videos are directly imported from the DVD in TTS. You don't need to run the setup program (only for these).

Tacx Trainer Software Version 3.x

All RLVs can directly be installed for TTS 3 from DVD or as a download setup.

Tacx Trainer Software Version 4.x

All download versions and the DVDs from season 2012/13 on are directly installed with the downloaded setup or their DVD setup for TTS 4.

For installation of DVDs until season 2011/12 and the norwegian DVDs (until article number 10033, see setup hints) please download and run once TTS4Setup.exe. Then start the DVD setup and select TTS3 as installation option - the video is now installed for TTS 4.

Tacx Videoplayer

With the Video Player from Tacx you can play Real Life Videos without your trainer having to be connected to your computer. You can now experience every course in the world with every possible ergotrainer, cycletrainer, a fitnessbike or cycletrainer.

Nearly all RLVs already contain an installation option for the Video Player (details under setup hints). Only for Fränkische Schweiz, Belchen and Hunsrück you have to download and run the file VideoPlayerSetup.exe. Then you select which of my Real Life Videos you want to install. You can also select a different location for the videos. Let the path unchanged, the videos are installed in standard Video Player video directory. The subfolders Videos\ are created in the selected directory. Finally you have to copy the videos from the DVD into this folder. Now the videos are properly recognized in Video Player. If this does not work yet, you can use the "Search" function in Video Player to find the video.

If the installed RLVs can not be found in the video player, probably the Tacx demo video was not installed. Then there exists in the directory C:\ProgramData\Tacx\Trainer Software\TacxVideoPlayer\Settings no file installedvideos.xml and then the installation of my videos does not work. Either install the Tacx demo or copy the installedvideos.xml the specified directory (only if it is not there) and then re-install the RLV.


All my Real Life Videos can be used with the blue TacxFortius software (runs only with Windows 7 / 32 bit). You can select during installation, if you want to copy the video files on the hard disk, or whether you want to play the video from the DVD drive.

Tacx Apps (all variants)

This is a proprietary application that is incompatible.