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Environmental Protection strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible, long before the climate change is on everyone's lips. Thus, the office computers are powered exclusively by electricity from wind energy, photovoltaics and biogas, the online shop also with an energy mix of renewable energies without nuclear power and the download server is powered exclusively by hydropower.

What a lot of people don't know: Even the dispatch of an email produces approx. 10 gram CO2, the dispatch of a letter approx. 20 gram and of course also the download of videos is not climate neutral (because it cannot be guaranteed that all systems involved in the transmission will be operated with green electricity). Therefore, you can now make a voluntary contribution of 10 cents for CO2 compensation with each order. I will transfer the collected amounts to Atmosfair once per quarter without deductions (I take over the value added tax and Paypal fees if necessary). As proof I will of course publish the corresponding certificates here.

4th quarter 2019

The first quarter of the CO2 compensation has now been completed and a total of 18 euros has been collected. This means that over 20% of the customers have contributed to the levy, thank you very much! A total of 780 kg CO2 can be compensated with this. In addition, I have donated another 10 Euros for the distances covered by car for the filming.


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Challenge Roth

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Biosphere Tour

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Mountain bike


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