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(former VirtualTraining / UniVET System training software)

Important information: there is bad news about Rouvy: Support for Real Life Videos will be discontinued shortly. This means that NO REAL LIFE VIDEOS can be used anymore. I therefore strongly advise against Rouvy use! As an alternative, I recommend BigRingVR, with which even videos already installed for Rouvy can be used directly.

Rouvy Workouts (not Rouvy AR) supports the Real Life Video format. There are presented instructions how to use the RLV videos in Rouvy Desktop. Since the picture on the Rouvy website is very small, here a clearer picture:

All videos can be used in Rouvy Desktop. All download versions and the DVDs from season 2013/2014 on (from article number 10046) can be installed directly (see the setup hints).

For older DVDs you can install the required files for your purchased Real Life Videos with the installation program for Rouvy. You then need only copy the videos from the DVD to the selected location.

Rouvy is compatible with KETTLER and DAUM cycling and cross ergometers, KETTLER and DAUM running ergometers, CycleOps trainers, Cyclus2 professional trainers, AirStreeem ergometers, SRM powermeters and many other trainers. You can find more detailed information on the product website: Rouvy powered by VirtualTraining

For questions regarding the Rouvy software please contact exclusively the Rouvy Help Desk.

Important information: The Augmented Reality version of Rouvy (6.0.1 build 55 or higher) requires GPS data to play the videos. Not all my tracks for Rouvy currently contain this data (especially the "Norwegian" ones). They can therefore be upgraded with the new RouvySetup.