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New videos of the season 2021/2022

Schweighofen is a video that is particularly suitable for basic training. The tour to Schweighofen could be assigned to both Germany and France, since the route through both countries is about the same length. It is actually completely flat, only two smaller elevations are to be to cope with. The remaining meters of altitude are spread over such a large distance that they are practically not noticeable.

Where bicycles roll today, trains used to steam. The historic railway line of the Ruwer-Hochwald-Railway has been transformed into the Ruwer-Hochwald-Bikeway. Like the former railway line, the cycle path with a length of around 50 kilometers connects the Moselle valley with the heights of the Hunsrück. Alferce starts in Silves, already known from the first Portugal video, and leads through the counties of Silves and Monchique. On low-traffic roads, we drive in a wide arc around the Barragem de Odelouca dam, even if we actually cross only once briefly a spur. The third video is the first of two RLVs that takes you to the east side of the Stryn mountain (the old Stryn video approached the west side) and it starts in Lom (like Bøverdalen and Sognefjellet), but instead of going up the narrow Bøverdalen valley, this course follows the wider Ottadalen valley. Weißenstein takes us into the forest, or as the locals say: "in Woid". And by that they mean not only the forests in which their villages are embedded, but their entire forest region. Because the district of Regen, which is our destination, may adorn itself with the title of "most forested district" in Germany.

Road bike


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Ruwer Bikeway

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Stryn 2-1

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