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New videos of the season 2019/2020

The Moosalb rises near the mountain hamlet of Moosbronn and flows into the Alb at Fischweier. The valley of the Moosalb is after Moosbronn except for a few old mills and farmsteads uninhabited and it flows through valley meadows lined with hillside forests as close as possible to nature. On the right side, the small river is accompanied almost along its entire length by a little used district road, on its left side by a hiking trail.

Alcudia - Orient is the eleventh video of my 12-part Mallorca collection. The track is relatively flat for the first 65 km, much of the distance is at the final ascent to Orient. The Col de la Schlucht (Schluchtpass) is a 1139 m high pass in the Vosges and an important traffic axis between the regions of Alsace and Lorraine. The pass summit formed the border between France and the German Reich from 1871 to 1918.

If you look at the elevation profile of Aschachtal, you will first notice the two striking climbs that do not really fit into a river valley tour. The Aschach is a river in Upper Austria in the districts of Grieskirchen and Eferding. Together with Trattnach and Innbach it drains the northern Hausruck directly to the Danube. This information is provided by the knowledge guards in Wikipedia.

Flatanger 2 consists of three short courses, going close to the sea at a peninsula in the south of Flatanger, visiting small villages like Sætervik, Hasvåg and Småværet, which attracts many tourists from Germany and the rest Europe. The rock on this peninsula has a particular red colour, enhancing the colours created by the sunset. The roads follow the undulating landscape, so the RLV is a bit hilly, but there are no long hills.

The German Wine Route is one of the oldest tourist routes in Germany and runs through the wine-growing region of the Palatinate, which lies in the region of the same name in the southeast of Rhineland-Palatinate and is the second largest wine-growing region in Germany. The road is about 85 km long and runs from south to north. It begins at the German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the French border and ends at the House of the German Wine Route in Bockenheim on the outskirts of Rheinhessen. We drive the route in the opposite direction and only to Rhodt unter Rietburg (the rest of the route is largely identical to the RLV Mandelpfad). Of course we mainly use the cycle route to the wine route and not the car routes.

Today the first follow-up video is released to coincide with the beginning of the winter season. It is the third part of the Middle Rhine Bikeway track between the mouth of the Nahe near Bingen and the Sieg opposite Bonn. The tour starts at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz and leads via Urmitz, Weißenthurm, Andernach and Bad Breisig to Remagen. Then via Oberwinter, Rolandseck and Rolandswerth to Bonn where it ends at the motorway bridge of the A565 shortly before the mouth of the Sieg.

Today the first new videos for the upcoming training season will be released. Cap Formentor is the continuation of the route from Andratx to Fornalutx and a little less demanding than the first part. The tour in the Eifel is located in the area of the Ahrgebirge, a little north of the track of the Nürburgring. The Maifeld Cycle Path is a cycle path along former railway lines in the so-called Eifler Maifeld and therefore has only slight gradients. The Grand Ballon (Großer Belchen) is the highest mountain of the Vosges with a height of 1424 meters. It is located in the Vosges Balloon Regional Nature Park. Menorca South is the last RLV at Menorca. It starts at Sant Climent and ends at the southernmost point of Menorca: Punta Prima. Danube-Ilz Valley is much longer than the old Ilztal-Danube video, with partly different roads and leads in the opposite direction.

Road bike


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Alcudia - Orient

 78.7  1007  562
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Col de la Schlucht

 25.7  717  382
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 77.2  815  800
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Flatanger 2

 51.9  789  785
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German Wine Route

 52.0  583  529
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Middle Rhine Bikeway Part 3

 70.1  166  183
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Cap Formentor

 69.1  1119  1476
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 76.1  1028  1011
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Maifeld Cycle Path

 37.8  123  173
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Grand Ballon

 48.2  1093  1085
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Menorca South

 75.1  759  785
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Road bike

Danube-Ilz Valley

 94.9  901  887
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