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9393 total kilometers
140317 altitude meters
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New videos of the season 2022/2023

At 2115 meters above sea level, the Col du Tourmalet is the highest paved road pass in the French Pyrenees. We conquer the "Giant of Provence" from Bédoin in the southwest over about 21 km and a good 1500 meters in altitude. The Brocken (also called Blocksberg) is with 1141 m above sea level the highest mountain in the whole of northern Germany. In the new recording of the Challenge Roth Triathlon, in contrast to the 10 year old video, the total distance, i.e. both laps, was now filmed. And last but not least the second part of the Salier- and Kaiser-Konrad-Cyclepath, which connects the German Wine Route with the Rhine.

Col du Tourmalet

 36.0  1368  1211
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Mont Ventoux South

 42.4  1522  1499
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Road bike


 55.8  903  938
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Road bike

Challenge Roth 2022

 178.3  1510  1525
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Road bike

Salier Cycle Path Part 2

 69.2  250  233
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Titran is a small village located at the very western part of the Frøya island. Placed far out into the Atlantic Ocean, this is almost as far out into the ocean you can get in Norway, without being wet. Kalteck is the announced continuation of RLV Weißenstein. Two hundred meters east of a glass factory in Bodenmais, our route begins at a traffic circle.


 20.5  172  172
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 39.7  737  1011
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